My name is Lizzie Harrison I am a evangelist, author, mother,-and  founder/CEO of three organizations  cavalry catering, wedding decorating, and Harrison’s referral services.

  • I have written my first cook book You “N” mind alternative cooking.
  • My duties in the Harrison’s referral services  includes being a keynote/motivational speaker, and workshop organizer.  Please feel free to contact me for bookings and speaking engagements.  It is a non for profit organization that  was founded in January 2001  located here in St. Louis MO, our organization specialize in domestic violence, women’s ministries, and community services,  We help our clients and their families whom are displaced due to domestic violence, by offering domestic violence counseling referrals, shelter placement as well as referrals to detox treatment facilities  for those who have chemical dependencies.
  • As well as transformation ministries that empower a person to improve physically, emotionally, intellectually, relationally, and socially through women’s ministries. With the intention to give back to their communities through community services by offering relief.  What is relief? By supplying food, clothing which also may include personal items and other household needs
  • The Emmanuel food pantry was founded in 2004 in downtown st. Louis for single mothers whom were going through domestic violence or were displaced due to abuse. I remember driving a two door jeep around the streets of downtown St. Louis knocking on doors of local churches and grocery stores asking for their unwanted product to keep them from throwing any of it away.   I knew how great the need was in our communities because as a victim of domestic violence and  single divorced mother with four kids to feed I can always remember the struggle because at one point I had to feed my children out of local food pantries as well.  The bread and produce I collected I would give it to single mothers and their children to try and help make the load a little lighter I am proud to say that the Emmanuel food pantry now has two locations in the St Louis region feeding about 10,000 people and families a year all honor, glory, and praise goes to God Almighty Emmanuel means God with us and I must say he really has been with us!
  • Harrison’s Referral Services has recorded many programs about domestic violence on 3abn Three Angles Broadcasting Network along with other local radio stations bringing awareness to as many people as possible all around the world.  We have held many workshops and seminars in different cities and states including two countries in Africa our goal is to educate and bring awareness of abuse  and all its forms to all whom we come in contact with including our youth and seniors. Some of our annual goal are hosting a balloon release for victim of crime and the abused not to mention our annual victory banquet and walk for domestic violence if you are interested in learning more about our organization please feel free to contact us we would love to hear from you!
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