Mission Statement

Help rebuild and restore hope, love, trust, and faith knowing all things are possible through Christ Jesus.  

How can you get help?

  • First understand that you are in an abusive situation.
  • Get counseling about the abuse.
  • We will determine through our intake services what to do about your situation if life threatening.
  • Find a plan of escape  if needed.

Services Provided

  • Domestic violence intake and referrals services
  • Relief and individual development (Relief) suppling food and clothing (Individual development) transformation ministries that empower a person to improve physically emotionally intellectually, relationally, and socially.
  • We can assist in placing individuals into domestic violent shelters.
  • Detox referrals for treatment to those who chemically dependency.

Some women make excuses for their abusers:

  • He’s unemployed
  • He had problems during his childhood
  • I provoked him
  • If I just _________ he would change.

Could this be you?

No one deserves abuse and no excuse is acceptable to endure abuse.

What is domestic violence?

  • Emotional physical, psychological sexual or economic abuse that one person in an intimate relationship uses in order to control the other.
  • Violent behavior directed by one member of a household against another
  • Physical or mental abuse that occurs between members of a family. Note: The definition of domestic violence is not restricted between husband and wife alone.  It can extend to other members of the family.
  • Domestic violence also leads to alcoholism, and chemical dependency.

Should I stay in an abusive relationship?  How does God feel about abuse?

  • No one should feel like they are supposed to stay in an abusive relationship at any time.  It is nowhere stated that a women or her child or children are to stay and endure any kind of abuse from a spouse or family member.  Abuse is a crime and total violations against any human being.
  • In any case of abuse we must also consider that our bodies and minds are the temple of God.  One shouldn’t remain in an abusive home.  Physical, mental, or emotional abuse in any relationship or marriage is unacceptable to God.  Corinthians 3:16.

Support Group

Every Wednesday night from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Contact for more information call Lizzie at 314-482-2594 or email me at harrisonsreferralservices@yahoo.com

In case of emergency call 911 or Domestic Violence Hotline Number 1-800-799-7233

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Lizzie. I just recently turned the tv on and it happened to be a talk show with you. I immediately started watching it as thibgs that were being said sounded very familiar. I would not say I’m in a very abusive relationship, maybe emotionally abisive but not too much physical even this I am scared of him from past actions. Anyway I have been struggling horribly, struggling on weather to file for a divorce or not. He has a porn addiction that has caused him to act out. (Hasn’t been with anyone physically yet) it hurts. Has been going on for years. We have no trust in our relationship at all. Wondering if you could talk to me. I’ve been trying to figure out who I can reach out too.
    Thank you, Megan McGrath

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    1. hello Megan i am glad you were able to view the program thank you for sharing your testimony with me can you contact me at 314-482-2594 or leave me your contact number God bless you for your courage


    2. my dear sister sorry to hear about your story please call us we would love to pray with you 314-482-2594

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  2. Leave me a text to let me know if you got this.

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  3. Hello, i am in, what I am beginning to believe, a toxic relationship with a narcissist wife. I hope you have some time and inner strength (for lack of better term) to dedicate to me, yourself, and the story I am about to tell. Please dont take offense to that statement, I am dead serious as to how(me looking back and now realizing) twisted, jacked up, never-ending cyclone of madness this 15 year marriage has really been. I have never told anyone all of the story, I have never really sat down and went through it all as a whole. But, since that last revelation in the past 9 months or so, it has taken a heavy toll on our family, our marriage, and especially myself. I have told bits and pcs to family and friends, here and there, but never as a whole. I hope this column doesn’t have a letter count, i will try to not go too deep but still touch on the important areas. After seeing the word narcissistic, I felt inspired and obligated at least to myself, to let some of this go. It has gotten to the point of me questioning myself, me eyes, ears, the past, and sometimes reality as a whole. A majority of these feelings, and negative to down right evil aspects of my wife, our marriage, have come to light as of January of this year. So, please bare with me. This will not be short, and definitely not easy for me. I may jump around story and time wise, like I said I haven’t told anyone all this. So once again, please bare with me. Let me give some background. We have been married 15 years, we have 2 daughters ages 15 and 10. I knew my wife before we ended up together, she was one of my best friends’ wives. He died in front of us in a motorcycle accident. We were behind him in a car when the crash occurred. Long story short, I felt an obligation to look after her and we ended up falling in love. Fast forward three years, a short time after our first daughter was born, my wife begun showing signs of depression, possibly post-partum. She didn’t work in the beginning, in order to stay home, be with our daughter. It also, wasn’t financially worth it considering day cares fees besides the fact of a stranger basically raising our daughter. At least that was how we viewed things before this “depression” began. In the months and many talks later, my wife began to reveal she had dealt with bouts of depression in the past, stemming from a torrent, abusive childhood and abusive relationships from all aspects, all along her way. So I was led to believe. Well, being the kind of person I am, I would let nothing stand in our way of her not only getting past this black dog, but beating and hopefully never looking back. Fast foward many years, many counselors, physchologist’s, days, nights, years, the talks, the fights, the tears, the situations and events that just didn’t make sense or add up; about 2 years ago I begun to notice patterns. The way certian conversations would spark a fight, or her to run, aka—her getting ignorant, go to bed, begin crying and transforming into the “victim”. I begun catching on how stories changed, I would say 90% of them. Many ending up, reality, not even close to what was said, told, or how I was led to believe. One in particular, our daughters- Dr. vaccination and physical exams for school enrollment, for 4 years straight, never made it to the school nurses. 4 YEARS. The documents were always lost, or it was a new Nurse, or it was everyone elses fault, just put it that way. After the second year, I began thinking, what the hell. Well, last year, my oldest started high school. My wife worked, so I was the one to go finish registration and books etc, with our daughter. Once again, shocker, I was notified by administration that my daughter could not start school without those forms being turned in to the school nurse. So, hesitantly believing my wife, I went to the school nurse to get to the bottom of that mess. The head nurse pulled me to the side, told me she took all the documents personally herself, always does. She remembered my wife and daughters, and the fact she did not turn in the questioned documents. She then gave me the information, and even called to verify an opening to the clinic to have the physical exam performed and that they could call and have my daughters shot records faxed over. Then, away from everyone, went on to tell me that “Sir, your wife is a liar. I have been doing this for *** teen amount of years, I have never lost someones records.” And something to the effect of how unprofessional that would have been by doing so. To which, I thanked, and reluctantly agreed with/realizing; yes she was a liar. So at that point, I begun thinking, looking back, how or why things were damn near never the way they were first told. Many, and I mean MANY were not even close to how they first were. Well, long story short, my wife (admittedly)is a pathological liar. Has been our entire marriage, her life, which explains 99% of our problems. Besides myself, I am not perfect. She claimed, at that point in our relationship, it was a problem she had always had. A problem stronger than her, stronger than all, that she had never beat. That was, I am guessing, around 2-4 years ago, when that monster finally showed its face. To which we have been battling ever since. Well, I have. Another revelation was ascertained about my wife at that point as well. She is not a fighter, doesn’t put the time and effort into anything, unless its something she wants, something she will benefit from. Something that will help her, or make her look better. Now, you may think I’m just saying that, or I have a scued pov, a jaded look on things. Trust me, I have went so far as to blame myself for things, in attempts to make sense, justify, or just figure out—“wtf.” let me give it to ya this way, I think this will help you understand and prove my point of her only doing, changing, modifying what she does(etc) to benefit herself. Throughout all the years of madness, the lies, the short comings, the tears, countless Dr.’s, hearing how this job isnt fair, employer mistreats, her family mistreats, and unbeknownst/lyingly/ apparently the only person EVER to stay by her side, that NEVER gave up, NEVER ran from, NEVER stopped, ALWAYS kept up, figured out, always found a way, always kept the ship going persay, even the man that has given up basically everything in his life including family and friends, even he is a terrible, unfair, unequal treating, controlling, arrogant asshole. Ya. Ya. Let that sink in for a minute. Me. Simply unbelievable, unthinkable, spoiled, ungrateful, using, manipulating, lying, game playing, story telling, cheating, stealing, piece ,of garbage she had become. About 2 years ago, I caught onto the lying. It can be as little or as large as you could imagine, that, is also admittedly so. So in January, I actually got a phone bill statement, and for shits and giggles I opened. I typically dont even get them, for whatever reason, but had thrown the other 1 or 2 out of a yr and a half’s worth, in the garbage. I go to the at&t store and pay there. So when I opened and seen 3,500, yes, three THOUSAND, five HUNDRED texts, just from her, which was triple of me and my daughters combined, I thought wow, thats alot of damn text. So, you guessed it. It took me 4 months, I’m guessing $1,000 or better, many sleepless nights, almost my career. Many lies, fights, arguments, my pride, dignity, heart and soul, and at least some of my sanity, with her trying, fighting, lying tooth and nail, going as far to tell me I was crazy, whats wrong with me, how dare I think or accuse her of such a thing<<😉 (told ya I would prove it to you). Fought me even when I had hudreds of unknown telephone numbers, from her phone account. Dates and times of texts, phone calls, pictures and videos sent. About 8 different emails, 2 facebooks accounts, picture altering apps, voice/phone recording apps, snapchat, possibly tinder, at this point thats not important. But yes, you guessed it. Not only did she tell all her friends and/or associates how terrible I was to her, apparently did to at least some of mine as well, including family members, not only lied, stole from me, stole from members of my family, even stole from her employers AND the same friends she told I was asshole#1. Not only did she turn everyone around on me, basically (i have done some research on this as well) projected herself on to me, with her taking the role of myself. Not only reaping the benefits from both sides form everyone including the man that is the only thing good(and children) in her life, she cheated on me. For the last 10 years, with as many men as you would like to guess. As many as possible. Literally. Backroads, cheap hotels, parks, cars, the $18,000 SUV I bought for her as I drove the piece of shit car of hers that had no a/c, no heat for years. Not to mention, when I sold it for $500, she was mad because I didn’t give HER the $500 lol. She even fucked a guy in our house. The house I found my dad dead in a year or 2 beforehand. As our dogs were going crazy in the bedroom they were locked in because a stranger was in our house. She even sold herself to older guys, drove to their houses and even going as far as driving to their jobs to perform services on to for them. And kept all this under wraps, behind everyones backs. I was let on to this 10 years ago when one of her best friends told me she was cheating. To which, I had no proof, and now looking back she basically used the kids as a way, always have, as a way to keep me at bay. So finally, in the fifth month, finally all my online detective work, many sleepless nights, phone calls, texts, it all was a life altering, mind blowing, heart and soul crushing realization that she could no longer deny, yes she was a prostituting, cheating, lying, thieving woman that I married. She had completely turned everyone against me. Victimized herself for pity, manipulating reality to me, of me, to others, using me for anything and everything she could find that would benefit herself. Now, I cannot take full credit. Actually I did have a little, beautiful, sparkling, vibrant, witty, funny, bundle of (then) 7 year old joy, my youngest daughter, that did help to finally open my eyes to this ugly, terrible, dark, evil, all things bad of man, side of my wife that I tried denying, was obviously lied and kept hidden from me. See, my daughter(s), as myself, and at one time thought(was presented as) my wife they are raised, believe in, live by morals, beliefs, aka, NO LIES. No lies, cheat, steal, all of that being just not even an option, thought about. Just not us. Not our friends, family. We dont go to church, we’re not “bible thumpers”, or anything extreme I guess you could say for lack of better terms. We’re, well I thought, was just normal folks, doing the right thing(s). Well, my daughter, bless her heart, was and has always been very straight forward, vocal, perhaps maybe opinionated…. she began calling “MOM” a liar. Quite often. Stories being told were not as they were told. Events or things said, done, when she was there, were simply not the truth. To which my wife always had an excuse, a reason, mostly blaming it on our daughter…..boils my blood. But ya, so I just sat back, kept adding it all up, waited…. then finally the pattern, my wife got caught by all of us and that was the point where we sat down and she revealed her demon of lying. So, in the past 2 years, out of my 15 year marriage, I have discovered the unthinkable. Just completely, utterly, stomach churning, teeth grinding, depressingly, heart and soul crushingly in every sense, my entire reality of the last 15 years, most importantly 10 years, has been ancomplete wipe, fallacy, facade, a big fat giant lie. I myself, bought, accepted, researched, fought, the victim role the most. Believed her the most. She used, manipulated, took all the good—-sympathy, empathy, honesty, integrity, determination, courage, will, fight, trust, love, heart and soul, anything and everything I had, took and/or stole, sucked me up and spit out the shell I am today. Even the couple friends i have left have told me, have been telling me asking basically I am not who I used to be. I am too embarrassed to tell this story, knowing how ignorant, blind, shameful all this is or could be perceived as. She has ruined me to a point, I have began rebuilding, baby steps here and there. I went to a fee of counseling sessions with her, but began to get the feeling that she had, for lack of better words, gotten the counselor on “her side” as well. Accompanied by her lying as I was there, and trying to manipulate what was said in our sessions, I quit going. She is on her last leg, I finally stood up to her 6 months ago, and after pressing her(only her) imaginary “reset” button that clears her of anything she has done wrong snd all the responsibility that goes along with it, I have kicked her out twice and assured her it will be final the next. My daughters are very young, emotional, and at a tender age for something like this to happen to them, us, our family. I realize this could also been seen as weakness, from not only my wife but an outsider pov as well, but everyone including my wife will see and learn that couldn’t be any further than the truth, if it gord that direction. It has been a long road, unfortunately I was able to close alot of doors, alot of unanswered questions, alot of wtf moments pertaining to my wife because of all the nonsense that I was promised, could, would not even a possibility of happening not only by the ideology of marriage, but by countless declarations bu my wife as well. Im am still watching, learning, dealing with this, new to me, whole Narcissist concept. I stumbled upon it on utube one day and was blown away with the similarities. I must go, I could go on for hours with the stories, hell I am still recanting things daily, rewriting my, my marriage, my wife and families history in my head all along the way, with every exposed builshit lie that I uncover. That is almost equally as hard to deal with. But, thankfully, where me and my lazy, poor excuse of a wife part ways, I am a soldier. I do not give up. I do not just roll over and let, will not let this beat me. Although powerful and overwhelming as it has been, has gotten, I wont let it beat me. I have spent the greater of 3 hours this morning writing you, and I appreciate every second of that. I feel steps closer to getting back where I once was by doing so. Once again, thank you, take care.

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    1. First, you are not crazy, and it takes time to trust your own judgement again. Please seek counseling for the inflicted damage to you and your children, I wish I had realized sooner the damage being done. There is not enough resources for men or woman in this particular situation because it is really only coming to light thanks to the internet and social media ( online sleuthing results). I am myself still very reluctant to trust anyone, and have recently signed up for counseling, realizing I may have some sort of PTSD as a result of the years of mental trauma. I hope you get closure to this wound, I never did but time definitely heals.


  4. Karen D Britton-Houston March 26, 2021 — 2:10 am

    I’m so glad their’s a place, for young women to come to, and discuss help if their willing. I’m 52 yrs old, I was a teenage victim of physical abuse. I have 2 grown children, with my abuser as well, he was whom I thought my first love. I didn’t tell my parents then, I actually told them when I was in my 30’s. I was fully grown, with a husband. I could go on and on, about the hurt and disappointment. Thank you, for helping our young and older women.


    1. Thank you for contacting us and sharing your story please feel free to contact us at Harrison’s Referral Services if you would like to speak with someone stay encouraged and be safe


    2. So happy we can help lets continue to pray for Gods leading


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